Bring Order to Uncertainty with A4

Dominion Consulting's Agile A4 LogoHave you ever participated in a project where you felt there was no direction, no path forward?  Have you asked yourself, How can we apply a process to our decision making? Here at Dominion Consulting , we had experienced this numerous times with clients and within our own internal projects. Our experience always led us to a solution but we wanted a better, more consistent, way forward.

Drawing from our efforts, we captured a series of best practices and lessons learned. Then, we created a model that would identify, assess, and road map a “problem solution.” We saw a need for a fixed period, firm fixed price assessment methodology that would provide our nonprofit customers cost certainty. After substantive development, we created a diagnostic framework that we have successfully applied internally and externally with our customers.

We introduce you to the Assembling, Assessing, Aligning, and Acting Diagnostic Framework. Or more simply, A4.

What is A4?

The A4 Diagnostic Framework helps our clients Assemble their resources, Assess the problem, Align the options to correct the problem, and Acting on fixing the problem.

The Dominion Consulting Assembling, Assessing, Aligning, and Acting Diagnostic Framework, A4

In its simplest terms, A4 is flexible and adaptable as it:

  • Provides the framework from which a variety of assessments can be executed
  • Allows for the flexibility to tailor the approach and the resulting deliverables to fit specific organizational needs
  • Supports the application of the framework at an organizational level, an individual architecture layer, or a specific business function or technology

In addition, A4 enables both tactical and strategic-level activities by:

  • Providing a pragmatic approach that focuses on providing value to the organization
  • Serving as a platform from which “easy wins” and tactical solutions can be quickly addressed

And importantly for Dominion, A4 works within our agile execution model. When implemented by our experienced consultants it:

  • Structures the outcomes of the assessment in a manner that enables a rapid and iterative implementation approach
  • Increases project visibility, sets manageable goals, and defines clear ownership
  • Enables stakeholder engagement, prioritization, and feedback

We have proven A4 is our Analysis of Alternatives methodology that best suits our client’s needs. It easily incorporates into our Agile Engineering Solution area. In fact, we illustrate how we tie that into Agile, and how we execute A4.

Agile A4When done in an agile fashion, the A4 process allows for constant adaptation to changing environments

When leveraging A4 in our agile efforts, we are able to expedite delivery for our clients. These rapid results produce near term value for your organization. We periodically inspect the progress, allowing changes to be made, while still maintaining a regular cadence amongst the team.

We are currently applying our Agile A4 methodology in the discovery phase of a new project for a Federal client. It is proving successful in integrating within a multiple contractor, multiple government environment.

If you have ever experienced this frustration in Solution or Problem Analysis, then maybe A4 can help you align your business problem to your organization.  If you want to know how, reach out to us and let’s talk.

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