A Great Morning at the 2016 Dominion Consulting Veteran’s Day 5K

The Dominion Consulting team at the 2016 Veterans Day 5KIt was below freezing the Sunday morning of November 13. That didn’t stop over 600 runners, spectators, and volunteers from showing up for what turned out to be a successful 5K Walk and Run. While this year’s 5K was technically the first Dominion Consulting Veteran’s Day 5K, this is the third year in a row our company has helped put on this race. This year’s event was just as successful as the previous two events. More than just the total number of participants that showed up, I personally am most proud of the number of Dominion employees who made it out to Fairfax Corner in Fairfax, VA on Sunday before the sun had completely risen to help ensure the event was a success.

While we have always had a great turnout from our employees for this community event, it is usually an even split of employees who are running and employees who are volunteering. For a number of coincidental and unexpected reasons, many of our usual runners were not able to participate or attend this year. To be honest, knowing that so many of our “regulars” were not going to be in attendance had me nervous that our turnout was going to be noticeably low. The runners ready to go at the start line for the 2016 Veterans Day 5KCoupled with the low temperatures being forecast, I was worried that attendance as a whole at the event was going to be much smaller than prior years. What I should have counted on though was that our employees and the local community are not going to let some cold weather stop them from supporting a worthy cause like Team Red White and Blue (Team RWB).

For the third year in a row, the 5K event benefited Team RWB. Team RWB’s mission is “to enrich the lives of America’s veterans by connecting them to their community through physical and social activity”, which fits right in line with the types of causes that Dominion supports. More than 50 Team RWB members ran in the race, with another 30 Team RWB members volunteering. The runners are off and running in the 2016 Veterans Day 5KIt is great to be able to interact with the community members that the race is benefitting, and to see the same familiar Team RWB faces year after year.

Overall, we had more Dominion volunteers for this year’s race than we had the previous two years, showing that we are continuing to hire employees who actively want to give back to the community. We also crowned a new “Fastest Person at Dominion”, as Senior Manager Ted Kozlow took the award in our internal, for bragging-rights only, competition. Overall, it was a great morning and hope that we are able to continue to build off of this momentum for next year’s event, as there is very little I would have changed this year.

Except the weather. Next year, it could be a little warmer.

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