In today’s world of continuously evolving priorities, technological innovations, and shrinking budgets, Dominion believes that everyone can benefit from incorporating the concepts and principles of agile into the way that they deliver. Our beliefs and agile culture are founded on these Dominion Agile/DevOps principles:

  • Transformation over Process
  • Teamwork over Individuals
  • Embrace Change over Respond to Change
  • Value over Work
  • Innovation over “the way we’ve always done it”

Across the board, Dominion is dedicated to being agile, not just doing agile. Our commitment creates a focus on continuous improvement and innovation in everything we do. We help our clients, and our own talented software engineers and project managers, look through an agile lens. Dominion brings all of this to bear through agile transformation services, coaching support, and custom software delivery.

Agile Engineering

Agile Transformation

Agile can truly be transformational for your organization when fully embraced. Much more than a “development approach” – agile is truly a shift in thinking and culture. To be really agile, organizations need to move from doing agile to being agile. Dominion has repeatedly seen first hand how beneficial an agile approach can be and we can help you get there.

Dominion will work with you to foster and structure agile transformation. This can be more than moving you from traditional waterfall development to an agile approach. We can transform your organization from a pure agile structure to a DevOps model or scale one agile team to broader organizational levels leveraging our Scaled Agile Bronze partnership and SPC certified consultants. Dominion works with you to take the necessary care to adapt agile practices to your organization’s unique needs and constraints.

To help identify an organization’s strengths and potential growth areas, Dominion developed two Agile Readiness Assessments. You can try them out yourself or ask for our help in walking you through them. Afterwards, we can help you take the next step based on your results:

Agile Coaching

Dominion’s coaching philosophy is to coach based on experience. You cannot coach agile if you have not done it.  All of our coaches are agile practitioners. We strongly believe that hands-on work with teams and individuals, to show and not tell, is the most effective way to promote sustained adoption. Dominion’s goal is to work ourselves out of a job because your team and organization have fully embraced agile practices to the extent that you want. We provide coaching at the enterprise, program and team level, as well as technical DevOps focused support.  Our focus is on making you more effective by:

  • Improving or instituting team-level sprint ceremonies or continuous integration techniques
  • Supporting program-level dependency visualization, value stream / release planning activities, or scaling from team to program-level agile adoption
  • Providing organizational structure or culture change guidance, helping redefine organization’s roles to align with agile roles
  • Establishing or improving DevOps environments and guidance for team use

Our Dominion coaches can quickly assess your current state. We will recommend customized coaching plans and engagement roadmaps based upon your individual team needs. You can also try out our Team Health Assessment Play to see if your team can identify areas for improvement.

Agile Development & DevOps

Agile and DevOps have gained incredible popularity over the past few years, for good reason. If used effectively, they can be tremendously advantageous to help accelerate value delivery through software design, development, and implementation. Dominion builds custom solutions using best of breed open source technologies with design thinking and user experience in mind. Our teams deliver with quality embedded, through our engagement with business stakeholders and product owners to define and design the correct requirements. We use test automation and continuous integration (CI) pipelines to obtain repeatable results and increase confidence in code quality and coverage.

Dominion teams have successfully married Dev and Ops organizations into integrated agile teams. We believe DevOps is the best long-term model for success. DevOps enables more innovation, unifying cultures, collaboration, information, and technology throughout the entire product lifecycle, helping everyone focus on what matters most.

Our agile delivery approach is rooted in years of experience delivering solutions for our clients in different environments and team sizes. We continually grow this approach through our internal Dominion Agile Innovation Lab, where we are committed to practicing what we preach. It provides our employees with a place to innovate, try new tools, refine and grow their skills, and work collaboratively with their colleagues on solutions. All of this takes place in a full CI/CD cloud-based setup, where we “do” agile and DevOps.

Read the latest of what Dominion Consulting is doing in Agile Engineering on our blog.