You depend on having the right information to make business decisions. Your ability to effectively utilize your enterprise applications directly impacts your organization’s ability to deliver on its mission. When deployed properly, enterprise applications can enhance your customer service, integrate business capabilities, reduce costs, improve business process control, and increase quality. All of this adds significant value to your organization.

Dominion Consulting can help you realize the value of their enterprise applications whether it is SAP, ServiceNow, Mulesoft, or an emerging platform. We will work closely with you to deliver solutions that successfully transform your organization into an efficient, digital one that is well-positioned for the future.

Enterprise Applications


A key partner of SAP, Dominion is at the forefront of emerging technologies and trends within the SAP Suite. Building on our traditional SAP implementation, integration, and sustainment capabilities, Dominion is leading the drive towards HANA and Screen Personas. HANA increases transaction processing and analytical capabilities by using in-memory processing. Screen Personas streamline and simplify traditional SAP screens, creating a better user experience. Together, the effectiveness and efficiency of the system and users are increased.

In Dominion’s SAP lab, we quickly prototypes ideas for organizations, showing them the benefits of emerging technologies. We have extended SAP’s capabilities by integrating with software platforms such as Mulesoft and Pega. These efforts have shown how we can lower the overall cost of ownership of SAP. Through this research, Dominion has brought down integration costs and achieved high client satisfaction.


As a ServiceNow partner, Dominion is enabling organizations to streamline and improve how they deliver and manage services to their customers. ServiceNow’s integrated platform supports IT service, operations, and business management. Additionally, ServiceNow delivers pointed business line solutions spanning HR, Security, and Customer Service Management. By defining, structuring, and automating the flow of work throughout the enterprise, Dominion helps our clients maximize efficiency while removing unwanted dependencies on manual activities, disconnected processes, and outdated technologies.

Dominion helps our clients harness the power of ServiceNow’s enterprise-grade cloud and security framework. As a result, we establish a single integrated system to manage service delivery across the enterprise. Through ServiceNow, our clients can effectively navigate a service economy. This allows them to achieve the levels of flexibility, scalability, and insight needed to deliver first class service to the marketplace.

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