Information is everywhere in your organization. It can be difficult to manage effectively while staying up-to-date with the latest digital needs. Having the right information available to your employees, when they need it, is critical to excelling in the digital age. This means capturing and tracking information from its creation to its eventual retirement and disposal.

Dominion helps you collect, classify, secure, and preserve all your information without locking it in silos. Working with you, we will create a future-focused roadmap to guide your information management strategy execution. Dominion will work closely with you to digitally transform your organization. From Information Governance to Enterprise Content Management (ECM), we can help your organization to realize the full value of your information.

Information Management

Information Governance

When most people hear Information Governance they immediately think of Records Management, compliance, and cost. Dominion views Information Governance differently. When done properly, Information Governance drives value, not cost, when information is readily available and never lost. When this happens, organizations can leverage their information to make smart decisions. Information Governance focuses on identifying where information lives. This includes who is responsible for the systems housing information and how that information is shared with those that need it. Organizations can then spend time acting on their information instead of searching for it.

Dominion works with organizations to help them map where information lives, where it goes, and how to derive value from it. The goal is for organizations to transition from controlling information to helping it flow. This turns imposing projects into ones that drive your organization’s mission forward.

Enterprise Content Management

Often the foundation of many Information Management projects, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is an engine that can . ECM has traditionally seen as a system to be customized into a suite of solutions. When organizations use ECM like a database they can most effectively leverage its strengths. By providing API-driven content services to the multiple solutions, ECM is able to help business grow more productive productive and thrive. These content services allow the business on building and delivering effective solutions, not infrastructure.

Dominion treats ECM as a component of the big picture. We build Case Management and Collaboration solutions that focus on delivering answers to business challenges, not ECM-centric applications. Whether it is Alfresco, Nuxeo, SharePoint, Box, or another platform, Dominion makes sure that solving the business problem comes first.

Digital Transformation

These days, every organization talks about becoming a digital organization. The goal is to automate the everyday processing of routine transactions. This allows employees to focus on the human interactions that drive successful customer experiences. The key driver for Digital Transformation efforts is successfully managing the flow of information throughout your organization.

Dominion looks at Digital Transformation as more than a way to be more efficient. It is also a way to evolve into an organization where information has defined value. Dominion maps the flow of information in organizations; from its creation, into its systems of record, and back out to be use by multiple systems and teams.

Information Roadmap

Two things have always been true when it comes to managing information; there are a lot of areas for improvement and resources are finite. Priorities are constantly shifting and organizations are busy executing on their mission which makes picking the right priorities essential.

Dominion understands these challenges and helps organizations map out their information ecosystem and create a path forward. We don’t just focus on quick projects or new technology. Dominion works to understand and document which project will create the most value and have the greatest impact. In the course of a short engagement, we create a flexible roadmap that organizations can use to plan and justify future budgets.

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