The pace of change in today’s world is unprecedented and information technology has become the critical enabler of digital transformation. The role of IT organizations has fundamentally changed. IT organizations are embracing new and dynamic leadership roles with renewed focus on delivering enterprise value.  While speed and agility are considered paramount, you can only achieve true enterprise value through succinct, thoughtful strategic planning. These plans are architected to provide continuous alignment of IT investments with agency and department missions.

Dominion Consulting’s Strategic IT services can initiate major technology-oriented change for your IT organization, defining the ideal future state.  We provide expertise in areas such as cloud migrations, application modernization, containerization, micro services, and big data. We build both just-in-time and comprehensive blueprints for implementation that align business needs with IT objectives.

IT Transformation

Organizations no longer measure the success of IT programs by just meeting the stated objectives. Instead, they measure the success of those programs by how quickly they can deliver real, measurable value to the business. The promise of agile development has encouraged new collaborations between the business and IT with the goal of building solutions in a just-in-time model that was previously out of reach. While this approach has unlocked amazing potential to deliver software within large IT programs, the pace of change is not without risk. Complex transformation programs, large systems implementation efforts, and enterprise technology initiatives will not withstand this high velocity of change without a solid foundation and expert navigation.

At Dominion, we are experts in the delivery of complex, technology solutions for our clients. We know what is essential to make these initiatives a success from the start. Our Strategic IT professionals work to define technology strategies that align with your organization’s program and business objectives. As Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) experts, Dominion understands how to plan and organize enterprise-scale agile initiatives. We develop architectures and execution models at the right level of detail to enable rapid and continual delivery of technology. Throughout these efforts, we build consensus between business and IT organizations at the onset. This keeps the delivery of enterprise transformation initiatives in check with the delivery of value.

Strategic IT Assessment

Demand on today’s IT organizations is tremendous.  At Dominion, we can help your organization understand and reach its potential. Through our IT assessment process, we assess the current state of IT to understand what its strengths and weaknesses are. We work with IT leadership to define and refine your organization’s strategic priorities. With these in mind, we then build out a roadmap to enable your IT organization to reach its desired end state. The roadmap has a short-term plan to advance capabilities, as well as a longer-term plan to define future technology solutions.

Dominion’s A4 framework specifically addresses the challenges that today’s IT organizations face when attempting to define a path forward. We use A4 to help our clients Assemble their resources, Assess the problem, Align the options to correct the problem, and Act on fixing the problem. When implemented by our experienced consultants, our A4 framework:

  • Structures the outcomes of the assessment in a manner that enables a rapid and iterative implementation approach
  • Increases project visibility, sets manageable goals, and defines clear ownership
  • Enables stakeholder engagement, prioritization, and feedback

Systems Modernization Planning

Both government and commercial organizations continue to spend billions on continuous operations and maintenance of legacy IT. While there is still tremendous value in these IT assets, their cost and risk profile increases over time. The failed efforts to rip and replace legacy systems have left many organizations gun shy. With proper guidance and architectural planning, IT groups can achieve success in replacing these systems. Leveraging API-led development, microservices, and other modern architecture patterns, our clients have achieved tremendous results by gradually replacing legacy assets. This has reduced their risk profile and introduced high-value, reusable technology components.

Dominion Consulting understands the complexity and tremendous challenges our clients face.  As such, we work carefully through implementation alternatives and deliver comprehensive analysis so our clients understand the risks and advantages of each approach.

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