• A Hand’s On Approach to Giving Back: Our Night at The Children’s Inn

    The Dominion Consulting team was happy to fix tacos for the The Childrens Inn at NIHOn June 8th, Dominion Consulting employees cooked dinner for the families that are currently living at The Children’s Inn at National Institutes of Health (NIH). For those of you that don’t know, The Children’s Inn is a non-profit dedicated to providing “a place like home” for children and their families participating in clinical research at NIH.  Coming to NIH is a last, best hope for treatment or a cure for many of them. (more…)

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  • Making a Difference in Our Community

    The runners ready to go at the start line for the 2016 Veterans Day 5KThose who have been following Dominion Consulting for any period of time know that one of our core corporate values is giving back to the community. Our team prides itself on helping organizations that make lasting and meaningful impacts of the lives of many. We also look to support those organizations that are near and dear to our employees’ hearts.

    Dominion employees at all levels dedicate their time and talent to these organizations. We are proud to have an annual Community Outreach budget that allows us to support these causes in many different ways.


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  • Fear Not Our Corporate All-Hands Meeting

    The Dominion Team listens to the latest Community Service update at our last all-hands meetingWhen someone hears the term “All-Hands Meeting,” the scene that immediately comes to mind is a fluorescent lit hotel conference room with classroom style seating facing a projector screen with executives in suits presenting a PowerPoint slide deck that results in employees in the audience playing a version of corporate buzzword bingo to pass the time. Well, we decided – THIS. Was. Not. Us.

    When evaluating Dominion Consulting’s All-Hands events, we try to hit the following criteria:

    • All-Hands activities > Daily work activities
    • Awesome venue location
    • Unlimited beverages and variety of food options
    • Provide transparent and honest company highlights
    • Team building
    • Employee recognition

    …. And clearly, the most important – HAVE FUN! (more…)

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